Elle (ellegirl1) wrote in highschool_ana,

ABC= looove!

hello lovlies! Just wanted to share how everything went..

Its  D A Y   2   of ABC for me today…I feel so strong and amazing.  I woke up and was scared to way myself for the first time in 6 days…I weighed 92.6, so almost a half pound since I started on Sunday.  I was pretty ripshit because I have to loose at LEAST 1 lb a day to reach my goal.  Ugh.  But then, at 3:00, I weighed myseld again – 91 LBS!! I was sooooo stoked…. Only 4 lbs to gooo! AND in my leotard at dance class, I didn’t feel like as much of a lard as I usually do..I actually felt okay!  I was so happy and a lot more confident all day(:  see my journal for my cal info ;)  Hope your days went as well!  stay strong.

Food has lost all taste.  I love the feeling of hunger.  No appetite.  Thankyou ana!

I just wanted to say thanks for all the support! 
your all beautiful, THINK THINNN!
and feel free to friend xoxox

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